Beijing strengthens forces to battle dust


2019-10-15 14:32 千龙网

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Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group Limited took a number of measures in response to the dust and sand weather in Beijing, as the city issued a blue alert for sandstorms on the morning of May 4. The measures include increasing the number of pure electric sanitation vehicles and the frequency of washing operations to timely eliminate dust and reduce air pollution.

On May 4, the pure electric sanitation vehicles accounted for over 50 percent of the total sanitation vehicles on roads, which greatly improved the efficiency of cleaning roads. Besides the daily road cleaning work, mechanized washing operation was added by one more time and manual washing operation was carried out in every 15 minutes along primary roads like Chang’an Avenue, and the second, third and fourth ring roads. In the Tian’anmen area, sanitation workers and the electric sanitation vehicles conducted co-operations of “flushing, sweeping, washing and collecting”.

The environmental sanitation engineering group also strengthened supervision and inspection on operation vehicles and garbage vehicles. The operation vehicles were required to be strictly inspected before work and they should be clean and tidy, and must be in good performances and meet emission standards. The garbage vehicles were required to have well-sealed tanks or boxes, and absolutely prohibited garbage leak or sprinkle or garbage that is left on outer surface of a container.

责任编辑:Ai Ting(QN0043)

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